December 10, 1899
City College of New York
New York City, New York

Local Charter Date:

April 9, 1983


Building Better Men


Better Men. Better Lives.


The Sphinx


White Carnation

Fraternity Colors:

Nile Green & White


The Carnation

National Values:




Zeta Xi Values:








-The Carnation

Queen of the Nile: (Woman of the Year)

-Cali Patten


722 8th Avenue S.

Saint Cloud, MN

About Delta Sigma Phi

Delta Sigma Phi (ΔΣΦ, also known as Delta Sig or DSP) is a national men's fraternity established at the City College of New York (CCNY) in 1899 and is a charter member of the North-American Interfraternity Conference. The Fraternity is headquartered in the Fairbanks Mansion, the former home of Charles Warren Fairbanks, the U.S. vice president under Theodore Roosevelt. Delta Sigma Phi is one of three fraternities founded at CCNY (now a part of the City University of New York (CUNY)). 


Delta Sigma Phi recognizes Charles Tonsor (Christian) and Meyer Boskey (Jewish) as their two primary founding fathers. Although Boskey was one of the original members at the City College of New York and Tonsor was one of the charter members of the chapter at New York University, it is believed that the fraternity was originally developed by a group of nearly a dozen men. During the short period where men of Jewish faith were barred membership, many of the Fraternity's founding documents were ruined. Given the circumstances, the national organization adopted both Boskey and Tonsor as the "founders" given their lifelong commitment to the fraternity and their service as visionaries for the development of the fraternity's ritual and national expansion.



In order to fulfill its solemn obligation to help its members reach the highest standards of

educational attainment, moral values, and social responsibility, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity

has adopted the following Code of Conduct for the daily lives of each of our members:

1.I will strive for academic excellence and encourage it in other members.

2.I will support Delta Sigma Phi¹s policies against the illegal

use and abuse of alcohol and drugs.

3.I will respect the dignity of all persons and therefore I will not physically, psychologically,

or sexually haze or abuse any person.

4.I will respect the property rights of others. Therefore I will neither abuse nor tolerate

the abuse of private, chapter, or public property.

5.I acknowledge that a safe, clean, and attractive environment is essential to both physical

and mental health. Therefore I will work with other members to properly maintain the

chapter property.

6.I will pay my Fraternity bills and other financial obligations when due and recognize the

need for all other members to do the same.

7.I will recommend for membership only those men of outstanding personal character,

who join me in seeking to achieve excellence in all we do.

8.I will exemplify and encourage self discipline, responsibility, and leadership within my


9.I will work to make my chapter the most respected on campus and within the


10.I will encourage and support other members in pursuit

of the ideals of this code of conduct


The Zeta Xi Chapter

The Zeta Xi chapter of Delta Sigma Phi was founded on April 9, 1983 via our founding fathers, Mark "Q" Quinn, Doug "Digger" Kitrell, John "LJ" Cross, Terry "Boe" Boevers, Scott "Knute Carlson, and Todd "God" Kirsch.